5G SOLUTIONS, your business on 5G

May 25 @ 4:00 pm

Your business on 5G: Validate and Promote the 5G business idea of your startup/SME with the 5G Solutions Project

The 5G Solutions Project offers startups and SMEs the opportunity of pitching their innovative 5G products and services that improve the life of the european citizens and put Europe on the avangard of technological development.

What is the 5G Solutions Project about?

The 5G Solutions for European Citizens (https://www.5gsolutionsproject.eu) is aiming at validating through advanced field trials the 5G technology capabilities that power the next generation of innovative products and services in five industry vertical domains:

  • Factories of the Future
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Ports
  • Media & Entertainment


🔴 4:00 pm  Introductory Speech
Yuri Chianese, Ares2t

🔴 4:10 pm Overview of the 5G Solutions Project
Andrea di Giglio, TIM

🔴 4:30 pm The European SMEs products and services development
Elena Vitelaru, Ares2t 

🔴 4:45 pm Innovating Smart Electro-mobility with 5G
Giovanni Coppola, Enel X

🔴 5:00 pm Open Innovability: Enel model for leveraging collaboration with SME & start-ups
Antonino Biondi, Enel

🔴 5:20 pm European funding tools for 5G applications developed by SMEs
Maurizio Cecchi, Istituto P.I.I.U

🔴 5:40 pm SMEs Pitch sessions: applications and services

➡️ SiteTech: a complete suite for drone capture workflow
Matteo Rizzi, Where Tech 

➡️ Sensor’s integration in connected things
Stefano Milanese, Modelway

➡️ 5G for Smart Energy Communities
Mattia Alfieri, Apio

🔴 6:00 pm End of session


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Mag 25 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm